Valerie Mora

Valerie has been a part of Lifepointe since she was a little girl and has served as the music director and worship leader for the past twelve years. She began playing the piano and singing in church as a teenager and has been ministering at Lifepointe since. Over the years she has seen first-hand the impact that music has on the worship experience. Worship is a deeply intimate experience with God that should be lived out every day, in everything we do, and music is just a small part of that experience. So each week, Valerie and the worship team strive to create an atmosphere of worship through music that will help others experience God’s presence.

Valerie is married to Louie Mora, a minister at Lifepointe, and they have two beautiful daughters, Emily and Mackenzie. In her free time…wait, Valerie has no free time since having kids.